Social Media Manager



A high performance, dynamic, driven, and growing company operating in the motor industry has a vacancy for a Social Media Manager.

Job Location:


Johannesburg, South Africa


Job Description:


E.A.S.  Engine and Gearbox Supply Group is eager to connect with new audiences and engage our existing base through compelling social media initiatives.


We’re seeking a social media manager to help us expand our digital footprint and oversee our social communications efforts. They will develop and implement informed content strategies tailored to the strengths of various social media platforms to increase brand awareness and affinity.


In doing so, the social media manager will maximize customer engagement with E.A.S. Engine and Gearbox Supply Group’s goods and services, thereby helping us to accomplish our goals year over year.



Objectives of this role:


  • Increase engagement for existing audiences with high-quality social initiatives
  • Acquire new followers by filling gaps in our marketing content output
  • Align our brand with new and emerging trends
  • Improve ROI through more consistently on-target messaging
  • Identify new channels to embed our brand that align our marketing direction
  • Glean insights from social data using monitoring tools




  • Use social media tools to craft and release content to our social channels
  • Develop social media campaigns in collaboration with the marketing team
  • Become an extension of the company’s brand to connect with existing customers, and acquire new ones
  • Analyze the company’s social strategy to make frequent improvement suggestions
  • Stay up to date with new and emerging trends to help keep E.A.S. Engine and Gearbox Supply Group’s social media presence consistently relevant
  • Establish key performance indicators to understand efficacy of existing social campaigns and adjust strategy for further optimizations


Skills and qualifications:


  • Significant management and leadership experience
  • Extensive knowledge of a variety of current social media platforms
  • Excellent problem-solving techniques
  • Strong multitasking capabilities under pressure
  • Clear, confident communication abilities
  • Effective time-management skills


Preferred qualifications:


  • Significant experience leading a brand’s social media initiatives
  • Keen understanding of how to craft effective social media strategies
  • Strong familiarity with computers, email clients, and project management software
  • Experience with social media tools
  • Large social media following


Please apply by sending CV’s to or contact Donovan on 082 949 9154